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Michele Hazel
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Michele Hazel
Mark Wahlberg's Toe Trouble
558 days ago

Ellen I would like to see your face if Mark had athlete foot, I feel his pain.Ingrowing nails is painful.

Michele Hazel
Ellen is Going to Australia!
564 days ago

Today's show was funny, that young lady that was crying I think she was embarrassed after a while. It is good to give and I am glad to see that at least on talk show host is thinking about her home watchers and her audience. Great show Ellen. Hoping to see you one day.

Michele Hazel
Kevin Hart Saved Ludacris
568 days ago

I really love today's show Kevin Hart is funny. Ellen where did you really get those slippers from? that was funny I really could picture him wearing them.

Michele Hazel
Message from Ellen
569 days ago

Happy New Year Ellen, if I was in the 99 cents store I probably would look at you and suck my teeth a couple of times but knowing you it was really funny. Anyhow I will be looking at the show everyday as usual.

Michele Hazel
Message from Ellen
576 days ago

I will be looking as always

Michele Hazel
See All the Winners from Day 12 of 12 Days!
587 days ago

Merry Christmas to you and staff

Michele Hazel
Win All the Prizes from Day 12 of 12 Days!
588 days ago

I must say thanks to you for what you are doing for the season there is a saying freely give freely received and you will be blessed. So with this being said I will like to be lucky to win one of your days blessing for the season I am unemployed so I cannot afford gifts I will be blessed with yours. Merry Christmas to you and staff

Michele Hazel
Anne Hathaway, CeeLo, and Day 11 of 12 Days
589 days ago

Ellen you are really funny I do enjoy looking at you and Tony love how they sing Christmas carol different in England

Michele Hazel
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
594 days ago

Ellen is funny I sometimes laugh until I cry, especially today.

Michele Hazel
Message from Ellen
596 days ago

I read your blog but I am one of the unfortunate ones I cannot buy gifts because I cannot afford it. I do hope your neighbor will stop putting more decorations out. But putting more will be more fun seeing you trying to keep up. Do have a blessed holiday

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