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michele haught
Name michele haught
Location el paso, texas
Age 51
Joined 669 days ago
Hobbies movies,helping others
About Me I am a cna, and I take care of my terminally ill husband and now have my 1yr grand-daughter, we are below the poverty level and life is hard but with God its bareable and we are getting by
michele haught
Season 11 with Shutterfly!
320 days ago

I love that Shutterfly is back to surprise and help people, I love the responses and I hope I get lucky enough to be chosen because like so many Americans I also need help

michele haught
Check In to Viggle!
425 days ago

Ellen, First let me start by saying I love you and thank you for making so many people believe laughter is the best medicine. You are so giving, and compassionate I hope I can raise my grand-daughter with the same outlook on life as you, please always dance and always encourage us to be kind all the time

michele haught
Thank You, Shutterfly
425 days ago

Dear ShutterFly I want to say thank you for showing us and corporations that the art of giving and an act of kindness goes alot further than money. Thank you for reminding us all that we should always give a helping hand to those who need it

michele haught
Message From Ellen
669 days ago

I love you Ellen, I never miss your show and now I have my grand-daughter watching and dancing. You give us hope and you make me feel like you care about us all even if you don't know us. I love it when you answer a letter. I love animals and I know with you we will put an end to the abuse they suffer at our hands. I pray you stay healthy and energitic so that you will still be on tv for another 15yrs. Thank You