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Michele Callis
Name Michele Callis
Location Bedford, Kentucky
Age 47
Joined 588 days ago
Hobbies Crafting, spending time with my kids
About Me I live in a small town with one stoplight. I am married and the mother of four, 3 girls 1boy. I am employed as an ESL instructor for the schools here. I am originally from New Jersey and I lived in Florida for some time. I am the only one from my family out here. I haven't seen my family in over 5 years. I am hoping to change that this year. I love watching Ellen after work every day she is very inspiring and amazical!
Michele Callis
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586 days ago

I think i got it right this time...hopefully....well Ellen if you haven't seen or read the other posts, its probably a good thing...i think i have left messages all over your webpage..if you have...Im sure you got a good love you and everything you do for people...your Amazical!

Michele Callis
Have You Been Inspired to 'Play It Forward'?
587 days ago

Not really sure if im in the right does one enter to it just I have to enter everyday?...Do i have to write a comment under the day of giveaway page? Can someone let me know..I'm really not good at this...I feel really stupid...