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Michele borowski
Name Michele borowski
Joined 202 days ago
Hobbies Geneology,crafts,house decorating
About Me Retired..have three grown children and love casino once in a while! Have the greatest year ever !
Michele borowski
Did Somebody Say 'Cheese'?
170 days ago

Love your show , love you keep it up...never leave I would surely miss you!

Michele borowski
A Hero Turtle Saves His Friend
192 days ago

She will be a good player on there's one thing not like the other! Animal instinct...

Michele borowski
Ellen's Been Yelped
198 days ago

I love your new house,and I was wondering how is your mom? Have her on the show once in a while! Bring on honey boo boo too! Your doing great with your show,we all love you

Michele borowski
It's Holiday Classic Joke Wednesday!
199 days ago

Why are ghosts bad liars? Because you can see right thru them! Lol have a great Wednesday!

Michele borowski
You Write, Ellen Responds!
199 days ago

Why don't you have the kilchers from alaska the last frontier or honey boo boo? Love your show and just seeing you makes me happy!

Michele borowski
2-Day 1-Day Sale
202 days ago

I love your show..hope you have the greatest year ever.! your best