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About Me I am a single parent living with my mum( Paula) dad ( Carl ) and a younger sister ( Jo Ann) in Qatar however we are Indians from the city of Mumbai. I have a 15yr old daughter her name is Anushka, she is the "Apple of my eye". I have a younger brother too his name is Gary and he is an Executive Sous Chef and works at the Hilton in Dubai, he has a son named Ethan and a lovely wife Alisha. I came to Qatar in 2010 to help take care of mum, although there have been times I have been upset with life and things I put up with at home at the end of the day I know there's no place I'd rather be than with them. I love them dearly. We r a musically inclined family starting with dad being a drummer most of his life also a great singer, guitarist too. Mum was a professional singer and that's how she earned a living to take care of me when I was little and times were real hard. Jo Ann is a drummer and an amazing artist, Gary also used to sing beautifully when he was little as for me i too sang professionally many years back and won competitions too, nowadays karaoke is our savior and so we get to chill and sing our hearts out. Mum and me are great cooks and enjoy cooking for the family and friends. We've always wanted to start our own snack bar but don't have the capital right now. My mom is full of life even with all her ailments and that's what helps us to be stronger individuals. Thank you for taking the time to read about us and I do hope you somehow u get to wish my folks on live tele on their wedding anniversary which is on the 1st of Feb. Cheers! Michele .
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Hi Ellen,
U r the nicest person on this planet only coz u care so much and it shows just how much by all the things u do for your people, God Bless you. The reason I am writing, it's be coz I really want ask a favour of u. I have the most lovable mum who by the way is also in awe of all the wonderful things you do and yes how selflessly u do it is what makes her cry and so emotional, however those r purely happy tears. We r Indians living in Qatar for better prospects and I would really be so grateful to u if sometime on your show you cud wish her and my dad a happy anniversary for the 1st of feb, it will be 43yrs and counting. I really don't want his to look like a sad story coz it isn't, her liver is in the 4th stage and so r her kidneys but she is living life like she is the fittest person in the family and that's why I would really like to do something especial for her as she loves you to bits so just to see a smile on her face would mean the world to us all at home. I truely hope you cud do this for me. I will send you a snap too if it would help and also to see for yourself the glow on her face which we pray stays forever. Lastly I want to thank you again for your kindness and humor that u bring to millions,.
From the one who loves you and wishes u and your crew all the best always.
I thank your family too for without their support we never would have been able to witness your sweet smile and loveliness today.
On Facebook I go as Michele Rodricks my maiden name as I am divorced but then that's another looooooong story.
Love you