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Name Michele
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Hobbies photography, animal rescue and sanctuary director, rollerskating, dancing, artitst, Veganism.
About Me Jack of all trades, master of none. Director of Mountain Angels Sanctuary and Rescue in Montana. Photographer, artist and eco-friendly buyer, school teacher, and the list goes on and on....and a straight edge/pure Vegan!
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Nicole Kidman!
561 days ago

I was so excited about this and now I am disappointed about the Swisse product. It is not Vegan. I'm saddened by this, and I understand that Ellen is not a pure Vegan, but I am. I won't use animal products.

Swisse uses Bovine (cow) and Fish/Oil.

I would have loved to win, but I cannot put my support into a non-Vegan company. Sorry. This makes me very sad.

Andy's Flu Shot GIF
563 days ago

Ellen's "real" laugh is the best!
Weird part of the show...but made me laugh when Ellen giggled.

Ricky Gervais' Crazy Twitter Photos
563 days ago

LOVE you Ricky!
Hilarious. Made the show worth watching today.
Keep up the kindness. You wear it well.
(and thanks for speaking up for the animals).
We love you.

Exclusive! Ellen's Outtakes
563 days ago

Hey Detroit! Hey!

Exclusive! Ellen's Outtakes
563 days ago

She's sitting in a chair and reading cue cards!
Geez....I wish we ALL worked so hard as this!

Quote of the Day: You Are Not a Failure
563 days ago

Not a good show today. Sorry.
Liked the part with Ricky. That's about it.
Not a fan of "reality" celebs.
Not really sure who this is.....or why she is giving advice...or why we should care about her breakup?
Maybe Taylor Swift can write a song for her! I heard she's writing a new one for Harry from O.D. now.

Bethenny's Tips for the New Year
563 days ago

I have no idea who this is.
Reality TV maybe?
I've seen her on Ellen before, but I still have no clue what she does or why she is a guest or why she is giving advice.
She does not seem like any kind of expert in any I'm
confused as to why she was on the show.
Loved watching Ricky today! Just went downhill after that...sorry.

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