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Name Michele
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Hobbies photography, animal rescue and sanctuary director, rollerskating, dancing, artitst, Veganism.
About Me Jack of all trades, master of none. Director of Mountain Angels Sanctuary and Rescue in Montana. Photographer, artist and eco-friendly buyer, school teacher, and the list goes on and on....and a straight edge/pure Vegan!
Exclusive! Check Out 'The Man That Never Was'
509 days ago

Absolutely LOVED this!

Diddy Wet the Bed
513 days ago

Agreed. I tuned in as they just got started drinking and tuned right back out when I realized what was going on.

A drinking game in daytime? Wow. So disappointing. The shows lately have taken an incredibly irresponsible and mean turn and I've all but turned it off for good.

Ellen is starting to look more and more like a lush. It's no longer funny. Sorry...but the show is getting bad this season.

Thank You, Shutterfly!
520 days ago

I mean Rav4.
Hard to type behind all the tears....

Thank You, Shutterfly!
520 days ago

My dream car. (2013 Rav2)


Discover Shutterfly!
530 days ago

I love the gift items in Shutterfly and their photo books are wonderful...just a little out of my budget right now.
They run some great specials and promotional offers, so I would love to order some gifts in the future.

Photography has been the love of my life since I was a child. Seems like a great company. I hope to do business with them once I'm out of debt...or have some spare change. Thanks Shutterfly!

Sophia Grace & Rosie Pose with Janelle Monáe
534 days ago

I love these girls. They are so genuine and sweet. They really know their music! I'm looking forward to seeing their book and what the future holds for their young superstars!

Sophia Grace and Rosie....YOU ROCK!

Stay sweet and enjoy every minute.

A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Sophia Grace & Rosie!
541 days ago

I love watching Sophia Grace and Rosie.
Rosie is really starting to open up more.
She is so much younger, but STILL WATERS RUN DEEP. She may not talk as much, but her dance moves are getting better each time.

They really make my day!
Can't wait to see their book!

Shutterfly, Changing Lives
545 days ago

Thanks Ellen and Thank You to Shutterfly for making a positive difference in people's lives.

Birthday Gifts from You!
551 days ago

Dear Ellen,

Happy born day to you.

All of the gifts (busts) were fantastic. I've looked at every one of them and enjoyed the creativity and all the time that everyone took to make and send them to you is priceless. I would have liked to see the names posted next to them...maybe next time. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Best wishes to you and your family and critters...


Kyle Chandler on Kelly Clarkson's Crush
560 days ago

THANK YOU to Kyle and Sawyer!
Inspiring interview.

Kyle Chandler on Kelly Clarkson's Crush
560 days ago

I do not know this actor, but I am so inspired by his daughter and her love of sharks.

We can save this world if we teach our children empathy and kindness above everything else.

Thank you for mentioning the problem of shark finning on the show! It's so important. So many animals being killed and the cruelty needs to stop.

Children are so cool...

Quote of the Day: Too Cold
561 days ago

It's been in the negative numbers in Montana all week...and with the wind chill...YowZA! Minus 27 (F). We not only had our furnace break during this cold spell...but paid to have it fixed and then went through a power outage! Imagine how cold it
is with NO HEAT and these kind of temperatures...along with 2 feet of snow. Now, THAT'S COLD!!!!
Wishing I was in L.A.!

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