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Michael Andrews
Name Michael Andrews
Location Taihape, New Zealand , New Zealand
Age 60
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Hobbies music, people, landscaping, people, travel, people, movies and people
About Me I have the best job ever, helping people quit their addictions to cigarettes, drugs and/or alcohol by using their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies . . I am blessed with 3 daughters, 1 son and 3 grandsons, plus a daily dose or the Ellen show . . blessings love & peace
Michael Andrews
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Bethenny Frankel!
512 days ago

greetings beloved Ellen and team,
today being the 7th March and on the Ellen show today there was the interview with Bethenny (and the ShutterHugger) . . my question is for Bethenny, I have made a long journey recovering from addictions to cigarettes, smoking marijuana and drinking far too much alcohol . . the journey has now become 'pathway to quit' for people who want to make changes in their lives . . I would appreciate some advice as how and where to place my organic life changing program as many who need it cannot afford to buy anything let alone a self improvement program,
love your show to bits,
Michael Andrews