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Michael Abatemarco
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About Me Father of 2 daughter's Nicole 23 and Danielle 17. My wife and I are seperated after 24 years of marriage. I have 1 full time job and 2 part time jobs, I usually work 7 days a week and 3 nights a week. I love your show, I usually catch it on line, I like to watch the Inspirational stories the most. You do alot of great things for people and children. The best is your facebook portion of the show, that is soooo LOL. Your talk show is the best show on TV. It's a feel good show, you can't help feeling better when you watch your show. You should try your show live and hve your guests stay on stage with you for the whole show just like the Tonight Show. Just a thought. Thank you very much for all that you do. Michael Abatemarco
Michael Abatemarco
Dennis Quaid is Getting a Manicure!
672 days ago

Go on U-Tube and pull up Trunk Monkey. Very Funny Stuff!