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Mia Zimmerman
Name Mia Zimmerman
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Hobbies learning, singing, playing guitar and piano, writing, fitness
About Me Recently living in Vancouver, Canada, I was born and raised in former Czechoslovakia. I stood up on the stage as 5 year ald as a singer and got off of it just recently. As I know I belomg on a stage somehow, I stepped in a media field and last 2 years, I have been producing and hosting my talk shows on Radio and TV, called ViaMia. I love interviewing, that makes me learn more about my guests and their fields. Not only their answers are helping me to know more, but while I am preparing the shows. When It comes to soak up some knowledge, I am like a sponge:)...My guests are very important source of wisdom to me.
Mia Zimmerman
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505 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I felt all my life, I don't belong here - to this World, that I am from a different planet. And I've heard it too....But mostly when I lived in Slovakia, from where I moved to Vancouver, Canada. Even though, people are more friendly here, I am still standing out, somewhat. With my decision, I guess, mostly. I do things on imuplse and moving on with them. For exapmle, when my singing career lost the speed, I was searching for field where I'd fit. And I ended up in the radio as a talk show host. I completed some workshops and I felt like having a second home. I had lots of discouraging people around telling me, that how many people would like to be in media, why do I think that I can be one of them. And, not only I survived and succeeded, but a year later, a TV station accepted my proposal and I have now my TV show. I am happy and proud, because I had NO help or a friend who would push me where I am now.
Ironically, now, when I am "there", I receive emails and calls from people who had no belief in me before saying, that they always new, I will make it :) Funny, how easy it is to turn the coat inside out for some people...
I have received lot of bangs and hurts from the life, but I always stood up and kept on walking. Last 16 years in Canada wasn't easy, but proudly I can tell, I never gave up and facing this world mostly by myself, realized, the big truth: WHAT DIDN'T KILL ME, MADE ME STRONGER.
Thank you Ellen for listening to me