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Name Merilyn
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Hobbies photography and fine art, anything craft wise.
About Me Grounded, too much sometimes. Retired Whaaaaaaawhooooo.
Bethenny's Tips for the New Year
567 days ago

My dear girl. I am telling you that your priorities have to be you. You are only a celebrity..sorry... That comes after the most important fact.... you are a human being first and always. Life is not perfect so be easy on yourself! You owe no one!! Remember the people who judge you have no right to, they are not part of your inner cirle. Remember that and ignore them or give me their home addresses and I'll take care of the idiots. Amazing that people who probably lead tiny lives feel they have right to critize anyone else. Oh and of course the mags need fodder or they get no sales. Pathetic, they even spin the news. BACK OFF BEATING UP ON YOURSELF AND CONCENTRATE ON YOUR WELL BEING. Put yourself in a bubble for the time being and you must be your only priority. Time to spoil yourself. What happens in you life s no one's business, Remember that and I send a huge squishy hug.