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meredith lessard
Name meredith lessard
Location eveleth, mn
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Hobbies MOM,KIDS,shopping,fishing,kids,dogsand maybe my hubby?.
About Me Iam a mother of 4 great kids work ar Menards parttime and take care of my mother every other day of the week(progessive dementia)I adore each person in my life but I need a break!
meredith lessard
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216 days ago

HUMOR GODDESS! Ok I gonna say it like it is....The chance of me winning anything is like monkeys flying outta my a_ _,seriously or like the chance of you getting b_ _ _ _Smacked by that tree in your backyard,gosh I still laugh as hard as I did the 1st time hearing that,well here's the thing,I just moved my MOM from FL ot MN w/progessive dementia,4 children,4 aminals,brother-in-law that lives way toclose,another words!!SAVE US! We need help,mom has medicals bills galore,we do too now from traveling back & worth down there....Plz help me this Christmas and save Hubby and I!!!Merry Christmas to you and yours.

meredith lessard
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224 days ago

Humor Goddess! Finally,Maybe,just maybe you will hear my call for help this season.My husband is currently laidoff,we moved my mother with progessive dementia here from FL to MN cost of everything we had,plus we have 4 children.....Christmas is a time of year for memories and we are extremely to have my mother with by the way is born Christmas Day,madian name means Christmas Light,I just really wanted to be able to do the things she remembers about the hoildays,her time w/her mommwhom she misses in words so unexpressable.please Ellen/Humor Goddess help me make this year she will remmeber for a lifetime...Also her being with her grandchildren is priceless.Thanks and very merry christmas to you and your.Your northern Mama now...meredith lessard

meredith lessard
You Write, Ellen Responds!
595 days ago

Humor Goddess,I wish you really did read these.....Iam in need of a Miracle this yr.My went to FL from MN in Feb 2012 to get mny mom who was found unresponsive & now has progessive dementia.Well it took all my money to travel back & forth & to rent a car for two weeks while down there,hoping for the ebst,Well the best thing is that she is with us now & can watch her grandchildren grow.I know how much you love your mother & would want nothing but the best for her Ellen please help me help my Mother.She needs a small home to share with two other dementia patients which Iam willing to work as a CNA/PCA/Med passer to them.I also cannot remember the last time my husband and I really spent anytime together,we have never had a vaction together nor with our children.This would help alot,take some serious stress off....Help us help others~The Lessard Family