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Melva Hudson
Name Melva Hudson
Location Springfield, Mo.
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Hobbies Watching the ELLEN DEGENERES show,crochet, Computer games, hanging out with my grand children.
About Me I am 63 yrs old for at least another few days, I am a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 16 and on the 28th of Aug. I became a great grand mother of my 3rd great grand daughter. I have been BLESSED.
Melva Hudson
Simon Cowell, Diana Nyad
323 days ago

It isn't every day I get to sit and watch your show, I love the show and enjoy all the wonderful guest on your show, I also enjoy watching when people selected from your audience or someone who has sent in an entry is picked to receive prizes it makes my day to see how lucky that person was, Yes I have sent in entries but not to my surprise I haven't been selected for any thing, goes with my kind of luck lol. I will keep watching your show every chance I get just because it gives me pleasure to see movie stars, also other people win big on your show, you have a big heart and what you do for people makes it all worth while, GOD BLESS YOU ELLEN. Love the stars and congratulations to Simon Cowell on being a dad.