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About Me Strong independent and motivated mother, grandmother. I'm a designer, decorater, organizer. Currently in a tizzie trying to find a job and looking to build a community center I designed. I try to stay positive and keep moving forward.
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Chris O'Donnell!
471 days ago

I can surely relate to ruler beating nuns. Ms. Thank lucked up, I got all the mean ones and have the knuckles to prove it. BUT, you never heard of anyone suing a nun for abuse. That's what they were there for LOL. Love your show and all the laughs that keep me going!


Win All the Prizes from Day 13 of 12 Days!
581 days ago

Love your Christmas spirit and your show! I'm glad you're there keeping me smiling and reminding me, even if I didn't win the 12 Days of Christmas, I'm still a winner for having you there to keep my spirits up. Thanks for all the joy you gave me this year and best wishes for your Christmas holiday. Love ya, Mel