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melody saul
Name melody saul
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Hobbies spending time with my children cooking going to the beach crafts dancing having fun with family and friends
About Me my name is melody im a mother of four daughters dawn mikki samantha and constance i have a wonderful husband named eddie. my world consists of nothing more than family they make me whole they are the reason for my excentice. then i have god children who i love dearly and would do just about any thing for. my favorite time of the day is watching you, you Ellen make me laugh and dance it seems that all of my worries and stress just wash away and i feel much better. i just want to say thank you for that . love you always one of your biggest fans melody l saul
melody saul
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618 days ago

ive been watching your show forever it seems like and i love it. im 47 and a mother of four beautiful girls and i have an awesome husband hes always doing all he can for the family he married me with my four girls and has tried to do his best for
us all. like any family we have had our ups and downs which is normal. my children tell me im the best mom in the world and then im not you know how that goes when you have teenagers and all being girls i have always been their for them and always will be i think ive done my best but at times it seems my best isn't good enough but when i watch you it takes all my stress away along with the worries as well. i was sitting here the other day and told my husband that on my bucket list is three things right now one is Hawaii two is hitting the lottery but the biggest thing is meeting you as far as i know im in good health i started out by loosing over 146lbs and becoming more active. so i was hoping you can help me make one of them come true and that one would be Hawaii no really the one i want is to meet you .
thank you one of your biggest fans
Melody L Saul