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melody boudreau
Name melody boudreau
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Hobbies Bingo, yard sales, being with my grandkids
About Me work for a hospital 20 years doing billing. Been married 30 years, have 4 great kids, and 9 grandkids.
melody boudreau
Cinco de Mayo Pub Quiz, Ellen Pompeo
444 days ago

Hello Ellen, I am only able to watch your show on Fridays, any always try to. I heard on todays show about letting you know what my favorite show was. I was unable to find it on the web so, will tell you here, and now that I am trying to think of just one I can't I just love all your shows that I see, love the way you start the show with your dancing..cause I love to dance, I just love all your shows everyone Thanks for being you, and making people laugh and forget about things for an hour of their day!