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Melodee Burgess
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About Me I have to travel alot to follow my husband for the Service,WE live in Germany for the next three years.I grew up in Minnesota with 5 other siblings,with MOM only,Father passed when I was born.Im married,blended fam of 8 kids.Its very hard being away from fam during holidays.I watch your show on AFN network here in Ansbach,Burgoberbach,Germany.Been trying to get a job so im not so bored.My husband is Retired CW4,serving as LOGISTICS Specialist here.I would love nothing more for Christmas than to help my little sister & mom back in Minnesota.They have really been through some hard times and with me being so far away,it makes things a bit hard,I cant say enough about your loving,giving,caring way with the world,YOUR one of a kind,and a BLESSED Angel that heven,is truley missing out on.Thank you for serving the world with your love,and generous ways.My story is to long to put on paper,I could write a book!:) I smile knowing that my little sister is doing her best to take care of all the bills,house & MOM.Well GodBless,and Keep up the wonderful smiles that you so willingley give to the world..heres one for you :O)