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Melodee Burgess
Name Melodee Burgess
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About Me I have to travel alot to follow my husband for the Service,WE live in Germany for the next three years.I grew up in Minnesota with 5 other siblings,with MOM only,Father passed when I was born.Im married,blended fam of 8 kids.Its very hard being away from fam during holidays.I watch your show on AFN network here in Ansbach,Burgoberbach,Germany.Been trying to get a job so im not so bored.My husband is Retired CW4,serving as LOGISTICS Specialist here.I would love nothing more for Christmas than to help my little sister & mom back in Minnesota.They have really been through some hard times and with me being so far away,it makes things a bit hard,I cant say enough about your loving,giving,caring way with the world,YOUR one of a kind,and a BLESSED Angel that heven,is truley missing out on.Thank you for serving the world with your love,and generous ways.My story is to long to put on paper,I could write a book!:) I smile knowing that my little sister is doing her best to take care of all the bills,house & MOM.Well GodBless,and Keep up the wonderful smiles that you so willingley give to the world..heres one for you :O)
Melodee Burgess
Ellen's 'Be Kind' Tee for Kindness Week!
533 days ago

My lil sister Dawn from Minneapolis MN,she is such a strong HARD working woman on her own with three kids and taking care of mom ,the house and all the bills,working two and sometimes three jobs to make ends meet,GOD bless her and all the courage and strength she has,I would love to give her some kindness of helping with the OLD house to update it some how??

Melodee Burgess
Fergie and Day 6 of 12 Days!
601 days ago

I would LOVE to Win something?? I dont know if the messages have reached Ellen?
If possible ,PLEASE WIN,WIN,WIN, This E-mailerrrrrr GUUURLLL.

Melodee Burgess
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609 days ago

Thank you, for being the best new friend to EVERYONE!!
Asking for help is ver strange,I sure would love to see my mother and little sister have a wonderful christmas,they have been through some awful times,and alot of family bullcrap.
Dawn deserves so much,she has lived and taken care of our MOM for years.On her own she has worked three jobs at a time,then two full time just to make end meet.WE try to help from afar,and what ever any of us other kids can offord we send to them.But they have no room for company if we visit,they are pulling to the edge of life when it comes to bills,and mortgage.I WISH only that this Christmas they could feel loved,cared for and content for a change.Thank you for all you do,and if you contact me i'll give you the entire story!! ITS a biggie. HUGS GOD BLESS!!