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melissa weller
Name melissa weller
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Hobbies My boys,animals and gardening.
About Me I am a single mother one son is out of the house and two at home Borias just turned fourteen and Solan just turned 12. We have a dog three cats and four new kittens. At one time we even had a goat and want another one. Id like to turn my garage into a shelter and foster cats. I love Ellen,Opera and Barbra Streisand. My dream is to meet all three but....
melissa weller
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148 days ago

Hello, yes, I love you so much. You are like a God to me. :)
I have an idea for an invention that Im supprised is not already out. Its for animal lovers. It will solve many problems and or issues with having more than one pet. It can also help animals that suffer from being over weight. I am excited and stuck at the same time. It was accepted by a design place for inventions but I cannot go on with it with this company because it cost a lot of money for a single mom living on social security and cannot work or go to collage. I am also afraid of being ripped off and I dont know where to turn. I wanted to share the invention idea with you and I think you will also like it beings youre also an animal lover.I also feel panicy because I feel Im afraid someone else will eventually come up with it. This could help me and my boys out so much. I will be able to give them a nice life beings they were cheated out of their younger childhood by their bio-father. I just want to be happy with my boys,pets and gardening.