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melissa sniecinski
Name melissa sniecinski
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Hobbies ive been sick with rhuematiod arthritis, pituitary gland tumor, i had a colectomy due to cancerous tumors in my colon and small bowel, and a few other my life lately has been being sick, having surgeries or my hobbies have been playing on the computer, painting nails, studying weather ectect...kinda lame huh?
About Me to hard to explain!! lol..i have a huge heart..mother of 3 boys...15, 17, in michigan, from san diego..married once, last year..just got our first puppy and will be cooking our first turkey for Christmas..
melissa sniecinski
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603 days ago

hiya ellen..i guess this is how you enter?? love your show just like everybody else..if the Lord puts it in your heart to pick me, that would be awesome and a just a regular girl with a regular life..xoxo