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Melissa Maurer
Name Melissa Maurer
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Hobbies Art, concerts
About Me I'm married to Justin we have two children James who is 7 and Tanner who is 4 months. I'm currently not working. My number one priority is my kids.
Melissa Maurer
Win a New Car from Hyundai Hope on Wheels
240 days ago

I first wanted to let you know that no matter how hard of a day I'm having, when your show comes on you can always make me laugh. My husband and I have come on some hard financial times lately. Our car is going to be repossessed and the snow is starting to fly. It takes about a half hour to walk to the grocery store and it's not the simplest task with a 3 month old. Regardless on who you pick for a car I'm sure they are well deserved of it. You have a good heart and I wish you the best.

Thank you