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Are You Ellen's Biggest Fan in Australia?
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Hi Ellen,
Have you heard about Blake and his mum Michelle? This is a part of what i have ...
'After he come home from his bleed on his brain and he knew he had cancer and would be having radiotherapy we sat down and watched her show together. He would laugh and make comments and somehow started saying " things will be ok mum, don't worry. Our daily routine for quite a few weeks was to watch Ellen together and he would laugh and watch her dance and just enjoy himself, it was like all else was forgotten. Even now when the show comes on and we are together he says "remember watching Ellen after the hospital mum" ...part of his Aspergers Kicking in I think. Anyway, he knows she is coming to Aus, there are no tickets to be had. He mightn't be her biggest fan but that show sure meant a lot to him and me at a very rough time in our lives.
D.O.B 10th June 1992. He was 17 when it happened 25th January 2010 and had his first operation that night into the morning and his first words were Happy Australia Day.'
It would be so great if Blake could meet you in person and he and his mum could thank you for the daily laughs which kept this young man and his mother fighting to beat such a horrible thing such as cancer. You bring joy to so many lives as seen by the replies here,and also the emails which have been sent to you. Please consider Blake in 'Are you Ellen's Biggest Fan'.