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melissa joiner
Name melissa joiner
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Hobbies reading, singing, gatherings with family and friends and nursing
About Me 47 year old african american who strives hard to be the best that i can be, im a nurse lpn of 22 years and i love caring for the elderly as well as the sick
melissa joiner
Shakira, Bethenny Frankel
424 days ago

Hi, Ellen, my name is melissa joiner and i wanted to write to you to tell you how much my mom (83 yrs old) loves your show. She gets so excited when your show comes on; she love to see you dance and if she doesn't see any other part of the show, you have made her day. If you do nothing else, help us say happy birthday to her on your show; her name is Ruthie Howard, born May 3rd, 1930.

thank you, Melissa Joiner