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Reading all the posts, and hearing their comments, pleas, celebrations, kind of puts doubts if anyone from the Ellen show looks through these comments, but here goes. I have a favor to ask and do not know if Ellen will answer. Long story short, My sister Malinda has overcame alot: near death accident on Thanksgiving day in 1999, dealing with her injuries and overcame what the doctors didn't expect from walking to also having another child. Along with dealing with her injuries a marriage that ended last year with abuse and fidelity problems. Found out on Valentines 2012 her husband(still married) was having a child. So learning that your husband is having a child on top of leaving you with his legal problems behind, mortgage, and 3 kids to take care of; having injuries that can only allow you to do very little to find a job would drive anyone crazy. She never showed how she felt, always pushed along with my parents help, who stays with her, both retired. After that phone call she received, she tried to take her life with pills, her daughter found her and called 911. She is today GOOD! She is my Hero! To overcome all this, still having to deal with her husband legal issues, and her injuries that from time to time causes her pain, she is still able to smile, laugh, and find ways to make ends meet. I love her to death and wish I could give her and her children the world. My parents stay with her and help with what they can on their retirement, but that's not much. If there is anyway to help or reward her for overcoming and enduring for her kids this Christmas it would be great. I had sent her some money for groceries , but couldn't give what I know they need. Our church helps with some, but really could use some positive her life more of it. She is not one to ask, but always willing to give. My son is serving a mission, and with what she has to give is making cookies for him and for 4 other missionaries. This is the person she is. Taught well by my parents. I know there are many who at this time are of need. I guess I am just want to honor her for her re-commitment on life, with her kids, and herself! Sincerely, a loving sister