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Melissa Barnes
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About Me I do not think of me only my family.They are my life and I would do anything for them especially seens they help me everyday.I am a Mom and always will be.Our family is our life my fiance Gregg of seventeen years and I do everything for the kids.They are my joy and the reason I get out of bed everday.I love my family and pets and right now we can only have my dog because she helps me our two cats are at my mother in laws and my bird is at a friends until we find our own place and leave this temporary house which we are very grateful for this organization that has helped us.
Melissa Barnes
Usher, Amanda Seyfried, and Day 9 of 12 Days!
592 days ago

Ellen my family has been watching you for years you always make us laugh.Last year I entered all twelve days and entered for car because we were in need and still are we also have a very old vehicle.You amaze me in how many people you help and I love watching the families get the help they need ,the world needs more of you in it.But this year my disability has gotten worse and the week of Thanksgiving my fiance ,two children and I spent moving from our home of 11 years into a temporary house through an organization called New Hope without them we would have been on the street.So thank you to them and God we have a temporary house to live in but need to find one that allows pets because my dog is not professionally trained but has been trained by me and my family to take care of me when they are gone.We need a house that fits pets and my mobility issues and has wide doorways.I have had many knee surgeries do to osteoarthritis and other physical problems some of them genetic so my kids also have a few mobility issues too.This Christmas they will be only getting what they need for Christmas because we are trying to save for a home.I have an amazing fiance of 17 years and two amazing children who help me each day.My fiance works during day but is also my caregiver and then comes homes and does the job I used to do which is cooking,cleaning,shopping,and getting the kids to all their activities.And still has to take care of my grooming needs also.He is very amazing and deserving and so are my children of something good happening to us.I do not understand computer much so my email is correct but do not know if address is.I entered some of your giveaways for twelve days this year but have not won yet this year or the last few which does not matter its just fun entering.But this year I did enter a few some I missed due to needing to rest because of my pain and I usually do not miss but on the ones I entered have our new address on it.I do not know if I need to change address on email address so that could be wrong.But my kids and fiance could really use something good to happen it has been very tough on all of us my twelve year old son and fifteen year old daughter do not remember any other home then the one we had to leave but no matter what we always stay positive thats my motto! I teach my kids no matter how hard things get someone else always has it harder than you so count your blessings each and everyday.But if you could help my family in some way this Christmas I would be forever grateful!!!P.S.My fiance did not want me asking for help he is such a proud man but he and my children deserve some good cheer the last two years have really been hard and especially this one ,losing our home was the worst especially on Thanksgiving.We spent that day they did hunting,having turkey dinner and packing.Not our normal holiday!But we always push through any difficulty I have always been that way,my life has always been tough but do not like seeing my kids sad.They try to hied it but I am their Mom and know deep down this is tough on them how could it not be. But they are very strong and courageous kids.No matter what happens we will always watch your show you make us laugh every single day and we love how caring you are.Even my family in you everyday so you are big in my entire family.Have a Merry Christmas and God Bless all of you for what you do!
Melissa Barnes from Cadillac,Michigan. P.S. my registered address with you is different I am no longer in Boon I am in Cadillac so email me if you can help!