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Hobbies enjoys working in our church and kids
About Me I am married and have two children. We go to grace Baptist church I work at a local head start. I vol. with my sons football team every summer.
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I have a 15 yr. old daughter who is a straight A student at Russellville high school here in Alabama.. we have tried to get her one direction tickets. she is a fan of the band. She ranked 6th in her class of 200 students. I am her mom and both me and her dad work. In 2009 we put all are savings into making her become legal in the U.S. I REALLY THINK SHE DESERVES SOMETHING FOR HER ACCOMPLISHMENTS SHE HAS RECEIVED TWO HONORS FROM THE PRESIDENT OBAMA. I have tried several websites for tickets to the concerts without being able to purchase them. please help we are a average family with high hopes of are kids futures. W e are very proud parents of both are children their both A students. PLEASE HELP!!!!! MOM IN NEED AND JUST TO LET YOU KNOW YOUR SHOW MAKES A DIFFERENCE SHE RECORDS YOUR SHOW EVERY DAY.