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Melba Henry
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How do I start. My husband of 37 years is my Hero. He has always been there for me. Our life did not turn out the way we planned. We had planned to travel some when our 3 sons were grown. We did get to go to Canada a few times for great get aways. Now we are like many thousands of other grandparents rainsing grand children. Their ages are 6, 9, and 10. They are wonderful children. We have 8 other grand children besides them. My husband stays home and takes care of everything. When they are sick they want him. When they are in trouble with me or others they want him. He is very good with them. He drove a semi truck for many years and has always regretted missing out on our 3 sons growth. He is living it now. He has insulin dependent diabetes, kidney stones, and other health issues but it never takes time away from any of our grand children. He may whisper in their ear "let me tell you a secret" and they will giggle and laugh. I know there are other wonderful people like him out there but just wanted you to know. We watch you when I get home early from work and really enjoy your show. My husband's name is Mike. Thank You