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Melanie Anderson
Name Melanie Anderson
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Hobbies Horses, film, books
About Me Physical Phoenix, enjoying an even better second half of life. It took me 45 years to come full circle to a dream and now I'm an independent filmmaker. I still wake up and pinch myself that I'm in SoCal and making films. :)
Melanie Anderson
Message from Ellen
208 days ago

I watch very little TV but I have an alert set on my phone to tell me it's time for your show. This year I changed my viewing (and listening) habits to only include positive and creative things. Your fun attitude, dancing, jokes, etc are so uplifting and your positive energy just radiates and fits perfectly into my new life. Peace and blessings to you <3

Melanie Anderson
Mega Millions
220 days ago

Ellen - You are just simply the best. If I come to your website and watch your clips, I am immediately in a better mood and high frame of mind to get going on my day. Thank you!!! xoxo