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About Me My name is Megan. I'm from a small town in Minnesota. I'm 18, and a senior in High School. I'm active, love to bake and love spending time with my family. I hope to go to college in Fall of 2013 and become a Nurse or a Special Education Teacher.
Macklemore's Message to Ellen
417 days ago

Wow , very nice of him.

Sophia Grace & Rosie, Chris Pine, Robin Thicke
432 days ago

Ellen , I think I'm Chris's gal. I've never watched anything he is on. But he is so charming.
Age is just a number right? ;D
Just let me know Ellen, I'll be right here. Hehe.
Great show today!

LL Cool J
448 days ago

I'm dying. LL Cool J...didn't even have a clue.

Diane Keaton, Jon Bon Jovi
454 days ago

Oh. My. Gosh.
I love Diane Keaton. Along with Julia Roberts and Jennifer Anniston, they are all my favorite actresses! I wonder what it would be like if my grandmother and Diane would be like together with just a bottle of wine o_o I cringe at the thought.

Diane Keaton, Jon Bon Jovi
454 days ago

Are you serious!??! You e x p e c t e d gifts from ellen? You sound pretty spoiled to me. Going to the ellen show isn't about gifts and surprises, it's about having fun! It's too bad there are people out there trying hard for these tickets to just see ellen and enjoy her sense of humor, while others are getting tickets hoping for gifts and seeing other celebrities.

Selena Gomez, Sophia Grace & Rosie
462 days ago

I think andys teeth are so yellow from the multiple glasses of beer he drank in AUS. ;P

John Mayer, Eva Mendes
476 days ago

I'm so excited for finding dori. I was 8 when Nemo came out, and I will be 20 when Dori comes out.
So excited! There better be a third one ;D

Randy Jackson, Cameron Mathison
511 days ago

Oh, ellen.
I watch your show every single day.
I watch the online segments before it airs...because I just can't wait, and watch it after it is DVR'd with my family.
I don't care who you bring or what you do on your show. If I don't like the guest before the show, your show gives me a new perspective while I am watching it.

My mom always asks me, why don't I take my meds? Lol ;P But I don't need to, your show is truly my medicine. Maybe everyone should just wake up and watch ellen and everyone would be morning people. I'm always giddy and in a good mood after watching your show.


Chelsea Handler, Sophia Grace & Rosie
519 days ago

Wow, very disappointed with that one family at ikea.
I can't judge them on only one clip, but that was a bad representation in front of their kids. You should always help others when in need...

Mila Kunis, Tegan and Sara
524 days ago

Ellen, this is why I watch your show.
You are the light of everyone's day.
You bringing these inspiring deserving people makes me realize and appreciate life even more.
I have every right to be upset about whatever I go through, I question life every single day...but amazing families like this just show me that it's love and strength that get you through life. And maybe I shouldn't be so upset about 'what happened yesterday', or what someone said to me that set me off. It's such a small thing, worse could happen.

Thank you so much Ellen, your kindness is truly contagious.
I look forward to every show.
Have a nice rest of your day.

Sophia Grace & Rosie, Kiefer Sutherland
533 days ago

Love those aussies!
Charming and funny!
Thank you for having them on and helping them.
That's why I love ellen :')

Jennifer Lopez, Kyle Chandler
552 days ago

Wow. People are so dramatic and annoying with their fur comments.
Talk about 'being kind'...Quit attacking JLO.
If you are a true ellen fan, you wouldn't have the audacity to do such a thing.
If you stop watching her show, it's your loss. She gains followers each and everyday!

Jennifer Lopez, Kyle Chandler
552 days ago

If this was my show...I wouldn't want you watching it.
Your comment was very rude. At the end of each show..she says 'be kind to one another'....You clearly are not kind.

If you don't watch her show, it's your loss. It doesn't affect her at all, she gains new followers every single day!

Jamie Foxx, One Direction
579 days ago

Ugh, when she said he's be gone since July, I started crying. I can't even imagine the pain and sadness she felt throughout the months of him being gone. I can't stand being away from my loved ones for more than 1 week! She's strong, and brave.
Bless her heart.

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