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Tell Us About an Act of Kindness
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I want to tell you about several acts of kindness. I am from a small town in Pennsylvania called Sharon. We are about an hour or so north of Pittsburgh. On November 8th two of our high school football players were killed in a car accident and two others were sent to a near by hospital in critical condition. Speed was to blame. The kids were on there way home from a near by playoff game. The next day they were to play in their own playoff game in Erie, Pa. Word of the accident spread quickly. The PIAA decided to postpone the Sharon Tigers game. The team met and made a team decision to play their game on Monday night in honor of their teammates lost. A Sunday practice was called. when the boys showed up area schools had been their to decorate the stadium in support of our team. Our arch rival had cheerleaders and players show up. That night more players and cheerleaders showed up for the vigil. Stood their in support of the boys so lost without their teammates. Schools in Erie heard of the tragedy and wore orange bands during their game in support. Monday night the team headed for their game. They were ahead with 2:11 left to play. Girard got the ball back and scored with 13 seconds left to play. Sharon couldn't pull it off. They were close. At the end of the game one of the Tigers collapsed upset and maybe just released the stress of the past few days. Joe Dunn the Girard player who just score walked over offered his hand and help the player to his feet consoling him. Not rejoicing over his touchdown but taking care to help a fellow player. I didn't know the boys that were killed but I have lived in Sharon my whole life. I don't know Joe Dunn. I can't give you the names of every student who showed up to give support or wore orange to their own playoff game but the random act of kindness shown to our community have been overwhelming! I thought Joe fit your acts of kindness perfectly. The story appears with pictures on