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About Me I'm a retired Special Education teacher. Love the Ellen show- a highlight of my day. Had to retire due to health issues which have worsened most recently.Used to be avid horseback rider . Currently lucky to walk aruond mall for 20 minutes or just go shopping breifly to get some exercise and see people. After an unsuccessful knee surgery on one knee and two back surgeries, (ftve stents added to my heart)I am happy to get around a few days a week. I have developed a fear of driving so I depend on my wonderful husband to go on outtings. However , I look forward to your daily show for hearty laughter , heartfelt acts of kindness, and always your generosity to those in need , either, individals or schools or organizations. !! It's a joy to participate in ,even if I;m so far removed . Hope you are feeling better after the flu.. Looking forward to your show and THE OSCARS of course . Your loyal member of the "peanut gallery" ( an old Howdy Doody term for audience ), Muriel Meyer
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154 days ago

Hi Ellen, We love the show !! Your kindness and joy for helping others is mind boggling. I really would love to see your show. I have had 2 successful back surgeries and 1 knee replacement. Unfortunately, the knee surgery was NOT successful. since my other knee needs replacement too it is extremely difficult to get around. My walking is severely impaired. I am very lucky to have my husband.. he is my second set of legs and does so very much for me. Because I have Lupus for many years, my days are quite limited. I look forward to your show daily !! It's the highlight of my day !! My husband uaully takes me out as much as possible. When he is not caring for our disabled son daily, he vlounteers at the New Rochelle Humane Society. His heart is so big and caring !! So there it is: our daily existance. We celebrated our 44th anniversary on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, we have not had a vacation since 1973. Besides not affordable for us, our son depends on us for so much. Please keep up your good deeds and wonderful sense of humor and joy. It is contagious !! Looking forward to the Oscars and your after Oscar show!! Be well and happy--Happy Birthday to you and your Portia !
Jude Law's Surrey
184 days ago

Dearest Ellen, I know how sick you must have been felling Because I'm sick too! I wish you a happiest of birthdays !! May the year be filled with love, laughter , health and peace ! With love, From all of us at the Meyer clan, Muriel , Rob, and Jason and Winnie ( our Bull Dog )