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Name maxine
Location hanover, canada
Age 26
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Hobbies love to watch ellen,go for walks,watch hockey, dance
Three-Year-Old Dustin, and Denzel Washington!
636 days ago

dustin is a good singer and he should be a singer wow cant wait till the show i wish i was on your show ellen i love ur show i watch it everyday well i try to anyways lol

Message From Ellen
671 days ago

hi ellen i love ur show and i watch everyday here in canada ontario and i would love to meet u i have never been on tv and someday i will and really really hope its soon i would love to be on ur show and talk about bullying cause i was one of those ppl that got bullied from other ppl and i want to put an end to it no one deserves it no matter wats the case is please ellen i would love to be on stage with u and talk about this