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Maxine Downs
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About Me Cultural anthropologist, visiting other cultures learning to understand how others "do life" -- fascinates me.
Maxine Downs
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, The Band Perry
470 days ago

Matthew Perry's Puppet joke was NOT a joke! No, it was stupid, not a joke. I want to comment about the initial joke about the peach head. The reason some preceived it as an adult joke is that since the deliverer was a male, wishing for a peace head has a double meaning. It could refer to his literal head (on his shoulders) or his penis head. You may say, there is no such thing as a peach head penis, nor does it make sense to wish for a peach head. It's a stupid, non funny joke. Since the guy wished to be riches, and the Matthew Perry is rich--maybe it's an insider joke, only understood by the rich. No funny!