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Maureen Skye
Name Maureen Skye
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Hobbies crochet, beadwork, cleaning house, watching Ellen!
About Me I am the mother of 9 beautiful children. 5 men and 4 ladies. I am one of 12 children. I am disabled and moved back to Syracuse from Tampa Florida. I dread the winter!
Maureen Skye
Win All the Prizes from Day 13 of 12 Days!
588 days ago

I can't believe you are adding a day of give-a-ways! But then, you are Ellen so it is very believable. I hope you pick my name for something but I don't usually win anything. I love your show and you. You make me smile every day. Take care Ellen and lets not forget to pray for the people of Connecticut and for peace on earth.

Maureen Skye
Win All the Prizes from Day 1 of 12 Days!
603 days ago

Hi Ellen! Hope you are well. I love your show and if I'm not laughing I'm crying watching. I just have one question. Why is a photo needed to try to win things? I am not a spring chicken and for the life of me I don't know how to download a photo. Doesn't help that my computer died and I am using my sisters, so my photos aren't on here. HELPPP!!!!