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Maureen Martin
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About Me I have a great man in my life and my son is my only living relative he has one beautiful little girl named Brynlee Ann who is two and another due in May Harper Lyn
Maureen Martin
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524 days ago

I lovvvvvveeeee Ellen did I say love u make me laugh so much u have the very best feel good in the world. Ellen u always can pick a winner Sophia Grace and Rosie recently u had Josh Lewis and Macklamore cant get enough of that song thriftshop that is me all the way. I like that he is clean from drugs and alcohol. I wrote to you b4 for a new car didnt really think I would get a response because of my past but it is really good to c that people can get past I have been clean since July 06. My mom and dad and all my grandparents have passed. My only living relation is my son whom has brought me a beautiful granddaughter Brynlee Ann and another on the way due in May Harper Lyn. Would love to come meet u some day u r amazing can not get enough Ellen