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maureen cooper
Name maureen cooper
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Hobbies my farm and my animals. rehabilitating and training them for their forever homes
About Me i am very fortunate to have found my angel, my best friend all be it late in life (42). he has allowed me to be living my dream of running a rescue and a loving home for our 7 dogs. i was a forensic specialist with our local police department but have unfortunately developed PTSD :( the smell of my horses is my aromatherapy!
maureen cooper
Help the Gentle Barn Rescue Ten Dogs!
669 days ago

Dear Ellen and Portia
We also run a farm animal rescue. We went to the local farm animal auction and it broke my heart how these beautiful innocent animals are just thrown away! soo sad. We take forgotten, abused or neglected or animals that the owners cir***stances have changed so they can no longer care for their animals. we bring them into our loving farm, love them, rehabilitated them then find loving forever homes for them.

we are self funded and do it all for the love of our animals. At any given time we have approximately 50-70+ animals. My husband tells everyone that he is a full time farmer and a part time police officer.. ha.. im off with PTSD from my service as a forensic specialist. The farm is my therapy.

We would LOVE for you to come visit and maybe help with some fund raising??

I watch you everyday! You make me smile so thank you!! Keep doing what you do. You are an angel.

maureen and brad cooper
langley BC