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Mattie Tolley
Name Mattie Tolley
Location Davis, OK
Age 70
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Hobbies writing prose and poetry cross stitch travel as able
About Me I am a retired international community health nurse and educator who has returned to her birth state after years of adventures around the world. I do some part time literary agent work and still manage a trip once in awhile. I enjoy seeing my daughters of the heart in their now independent lives making a difference in the world. The rest is private.
Mattie Tolley
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423 days ago

I am a retired woman who shared her income with those who needed it along the way and now could use an infusion into retirement living. So I would love to win $20,000. OK, about half if it would put one of my 9 "daughters of the heart" with whom I connected around Africa finish her PhD but the rest would help me be a little more stable. However, Ellen, I can't find an entry form if there is one.