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mattie brown
Name mattie brown
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Hobbies playng on my computer,grandkids,watching ellen
About Me i an a c.n.a.nuse taking care of people who is up in age and i love it for 17years
mattie brown
Message from Ellen
562 days ago

hi i do watch your show everyday i work the nights, i do get up in time when my clock goes off to turn the show on, it really makes my day working in a nursing home i need to laugh and that what you do to get me thou the day, i love you as a friends i wish you the best and keep up the good work.

mattie brown
Seasons Greetings?
600 days ago

its looks like a big penis, i also taken it to my job and they had fun with it, the elder love it and wont to know where to get one[smile]

mattie brown
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601 days ago

ellen,do you think you could help my job at Laurnwood nursing home dallas texas in duncanvlle? we need clothes,games,tv,sope,money for the c.n.a for xmas,a lefter to help then in and out of bed,i dont know what you call it but it help them stand up,a special boss gife he has been so sweet to us c.n.a. he wish he had the money to give us a turky for thanksgiving but didnt i know he wish this for xmas which we having our party december 10th please if you can make our dream come true