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Name Matthew
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Hobbies Drawing, painting, sculpting, dance and helping others in need
About Me I am a hard working person who tries to do the best I can. I am a huge fan of Ellen and what she stands for and her importance in society and the world. I try help as many people as I can and I love being around positive and happy people. I am a confident person and I believe in the song by Lady Gaga "Born This Way." I am very against bullying and I want to be a part of an organization promoting anti-bullying. I live in South Africa but have dreams of living and working in the United States of America as I believe there are amazing opportunities for people there and most people are positive and helpful with inspiring dreams. I believe that life should be well-lived and full of happiness and love.
Selena Gomez, Sophia Grace & Rosie
355 days ago

Thank you for creating public awareness around the world Ellen :) What you do for people is amazing and if I was King Of America I would knight you!!:) You deserve it Ellen!! Love from South Africa.