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Maryan Savini
Name Maryan Savini
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About Me Broke promoter, loving and caring and has given service to my family and my Polynesian community in efforts to get them somewhere
Maryan Savini
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528 days ago

Hi Ellen,

this may be a long shot..but we watch in Salt Lake city Utah all the time.. Im polynesian and we have a great big variety of very talented artists who can actually perform but because of our background never have the resources to make it anywhere. I will be hosting an event called " Polynesians Rise" and would like any input or support that you may be able to offer. Even a guest appearance would shake the Polynesian Community. I am having a Polynesian 1st annual Rise Event on April 6th and was wondering if your record company could send you or a representative to check out all the talented young musicians that we have. It would be an honor if you would come or send a representative if interested to take a look at them and see their potential. I have nothing to gain from this besides helping out the community and proving once and for all that Polynesians do have what it takes to make it. Thank you for your time and consideration. YOu and your show rock!!


Polynesians do not ever get the recognition we deserve but im hoping your record company can give us a chance.