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mary weiler
Quote of the Day: Being Pregnant
440 days ago

Hi Ellen I just want you to know that on FRIDAY MAY 10th while you were taping your show my Granddaughter Felicia was giving birth to her first baby......... my son Jeff's First Grand-child and my FIRST GREAT GRANDCHILD! It was a boy..... 5 lbs 14 oz ----19" long and born at 4:25 pm CT...His name is Memphis Robert and hes adorable. I know that sounds a little prestigious but every one in the room agreed with me! So I was smart enough to have taped your show (they let me know at 12:30 she was in labor and when it settles down around here I will watch. I heard it was great! (as usual) anyway just wanted you to know if there had been a way to call you I think I would have, I wanted to call everyone! Love the show & thanks