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Mary Tenoso
Name Mary Tenoso
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Hobbies Crafts, making picture slide shows and baking
About Me I am in chronic pain since 2004 due to Degenerative Disk Disease, Arthritis in my back and now I have Scoliosis from my neck to tail bone. I try to stay cheerful since I have a very loving, supportive husband and 2 sons. I have a great supportive family from my mom, sister, niece's, nephews, aunt and cousins then I am blessed with all the help I also get from my husbands family his mom, step dad, sister, aunts, uncle's, cousins, nieces and nephews. I love having our family and close friends always around me and even though I have a hard time walking but I love being around everyone who means the most to me they are my true happiness. I have been watching Ellen's show since 2005 due to having to leave work from my disability and this show really makes me smile every single day even when I have had a very ruff day/night in pain! Thank you for letting all of us believe that dreams/miracles can come true.
Mary Tenoso
Memorable Moment: Chris Pine
442 days ago

Ellen I cant thank you enough for making me laugh, cry and excited when your show comes on everyday. Going back a watching all these great clips just made me crack up even more. With my back issues just for that hour of your show, I forget all my pain!! We love you,and thank you again Ellen

Mary Tenoso
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590 days ago

Hi Ellen, I haven't been able to watch a lot of your 12days of giveaways since I have been at so many doctors appointments. I have a lot of medical expenses and my husband is the only one working the bills are taking over our money each month that there is no way we can afford X-mas gifts for my family who is so helpful. I hope you can concerned me as a good candidate to win the 12days. Thank you for taking the time to read my message and I want to wish you, your family and staff a wonderful Holiday Season and a Blessed New Year. Love, Mary