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Mary Sigala
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Mary Sigala
A New Car for a Special Ellen Fan
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Dear Ellen, my name is Mary, seeing your show everyday brings life-filled joy and positivity to my whole family. By just watching your show, in that period of time you forget about any stress and just have a laugh with your family. That is what you bring to not only myself but to my sister Connie. My sister is 64 years old and lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is a mother of 4 and a grandmother who always puts her family first. She has raised her daughter Ariel that has down syndrome that she can do anything she puts her mind into, that there are never limitations. Throughout her life my sister has dealt with many struggles. She got divorced and has suffered badly due to her health. About 2 years ago she had a light stroke and was also hit with the swine flu, she hasn't been the same since. About 6 months ago her car broke down and she hasn't been able to afford one. Her living in the east coast she has been going through the most difficult times due to the weather conditions. She has been going through struggles from left to right. I haven't seen my sister in 7 years but I talk to her on the phone daily. I worry about her not having transportation and her ongoing health problems. Ellen it would be with great appreciation if you could help my sister Connie. Sincerely, Mary