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Mary Sauter
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About Me Active person that has been plaqued with epilepsy and now this terrible knee surgery that went bad. And has to be redone. So much pain that I can't drive. And I am on a limited budget and I need yo work and now I can't because of my knee. I need some angel to help me out with just getting groceries and just getting by for the next 6 months.
Mary Sauter
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237 days ago

Ellen- I have been the strongest woman for so long. But the last 5 years my epilepsy has taken over my life. Now in June I had a totally knee surgery, my 17th at 51. So, I can't Dance anymore. Well it failed! Found out today that they have to do another one on December 27th. Well during this time I cannot work my little work I can for disability so the little $800 that I could have been making since June has been such a deficit for me, just living on disability. Now it will be another 6 months being out of work. Plus I can't dance!!! My soul is so hurt from being alone and having so many health problems. Financially I cannot make it! But I have helped my whole life in volunteering kids and youth, who would ever thought I would be in this position? The epilepsy changed my life . I want to be able to get back on my feet and help others again. My heart is one to give and it's hurting now. The physical pain of having such a bad injury and disease. And being single and giving to others for so many and now I find myself alone. Ellen I see you dance every day and it makes me smile and it brightens my day. I look forward to your show. Thank you for being you! With Peace! Mary Sauter