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mary rose loving
Name mary rose loving
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Hobbies swimming, helping others, work as a fill in when someone wants to take off at women's shelter. Besides that, boring life
About Me Been out of work for too many years. On disability. I have PTSD due to 9/11/01 terrorists attack on the World Trade Center in NYC. Have other health issues due to 9/11 and other health issues, not related to 9/11. Love children, Watch Day's of our Lives, Ellen of course, and thank you Ellen for all the laughs!!! My favorite actor is Kevin Costner. Love him!! Love Joe Satriani, which I met a few times. My brother-in law discovered him. Family important to me. Love children.
mary rose loving
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236 days ago

Hi Ellen, I am one of your many fans. I think you are very pretty and very, very funny!! Your kindness of what you do for people inspire me. I wish I could be as funny as you. My life changed drastically after the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in NY. I worked 2 buildings behind the WTC. I could not believe what I was witnessing. When I got home, I thought about all the babies at the WTC daycare if they all got out safely, which they did. And my former boss. I took 2 weeks off, then went back to work and escorted by police officers to get to my building. I was informed that my former boss of over six years was killed in the towers. I was devastated. She had left the exchange about 8 months prior to September 11th and worked for E-Speed, a division of Cantor Fitzgerald. She was only 38, pretty and smart. I dream about her often. After two weeks, the police allowed us to walk around ground zero to get to my building, which was horrific and sickening! After 7 months, they had layoffs. A job I loved and thought I would retire with. I could not find employment, so I moved to NC. I was overwhelmed with the amount of interviews. It took me 16 months to find a job, which only lasted 5 1/2 months. Layoff again. Still kept going, but with all rejection letters. I got severely depressed, ended in a hospital for a month and a domestic violence shelter. 1st time 16 months and 2nd time 8 months. I received so much help with d/v classes and therapy. I learned a lot from the shelter and I am so grateful to them. I realized I was surrounded around abuse since childhood and no one should ever tolerate abuse. Who gets affected the most, the children and it's not fair what children have to go through! When I moved out in 2008, I started volunteering for the shelter in the office for over 4 years. Then I moved again, still volunteering and then the gas was getting too much for me. So they said they will start paying me when I work. I am only a fill-in, when office staff members want off. In 2009, I learned that my identity was stolen. When I received my credit reports, it looked like I did not exist. Like I needed that. Back & forth with letters for 4 years and still going on. They had me with different spellings of my last name, 3 different birthdays, 2 loans and an address in TX. They finally took off the address. I was so frustrated with all credit bureaus, I legally changed my name, completely. They made me look like I did not exist, so I changed my whole name. I am working today at the shelter and will be working on Dec. 25-27th. Not really much into the holiday season this year as my mom passed December 20th, 2012. Maybe someday I will write a book. I try so hard everyday to keep a smile on my face. I have 3 beautiful grandchildren that my daughter will not allow me to see. We been recently texting for the past month and she does allow my grandchildren to call me. I miss them so much! Well, I can use another car. I have a car, but I never had a new car in my life. I am poor with backing out, I'm only 4'8". 3 accidents backing out. I can go on and on, but I know you get a lot of mail. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and happy, healthy new year!

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