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Mary Proctor
Name Mary Proctor
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Hobbies Spending time with my kids my boys are my hobbie they keep on my feet with sports baseball and football games.
About Me HI my name is Mary Proctor I'm a single mother of two my boys are sixteen and eight.I lost my mother last march my mother was my rock she held down every thing. sometimes it is very hard bills are the most thing that is hard to catch up since my mother passed see because she was to sick to work from her Diabetes me and my dad and sister worked gave her the money to pay the bills but not knowing she had a payment that where we are now just trying to pull up above water me and my sister are trying to help out more then what we can for my dad he is the hardest working man and with him just finding out he also has Diabetes he never let that slow him down. Me and my family love your show.
Mary Proctor
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221 days ago

This time of the year I love but this year is going to be hard it will be our frist christmas with out my mother she passed away last march
four days befor her B-DAY.She would have been 55 years old she loves this time of the year she would go all out for her seven grandkids.MY
mother ask me to keep up on the holidays befor she got really sick.
to fill her shoes its hard but I'm trying for me and my whole family.
to every one out there have agreat CHRISTMAS! AND NEW YEAR!