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Mary Mills
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About Me Love my husband,kids and family very much.
Mary Mills
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610 days ago

I am not very good at writing letters,but here it goes. Love your show and all the great things you do for your fans. I have always wanted to give my husband the one thing he has always wanted and that is a garage. We keep saying every year we are going to build one,but something else comes up. We have lived in our house for 14 years with no garage. We end up not having the funds to build one. It has been a very stressful year for my husband and I. I have been umenployed for a year now and unable to find a job. My husband has been the only one with a job and it has been very stressful on him. The one thing I wish I could give him is a garage and I can't. I have 2 grown childern that live with us. My son is 23 and the my daughter is 22. My son who is 23 has a part-time job and helps out when he can. I was hoping maybe Ellen you could help me give the one thing that my husband would absolutely love and that is a garage. Thank you!!

Mary Mills