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Dear Ellen, I am writing to you on behalf of my niece,Jen,and nephew,Robert who are two of the most caring people I know. Jen's mother who has a history of severe diabetes, went in for an angioplasty one week ago and ended up needing 14 units of blood due to her femoral artery being "nicked" during surgery and she bled out. The anesthesiologist said they were 95-100% sure she would not make it out of the OR alive. Jen took this hard and holding her mother's hand as she watched her struggle to breathe she sobbed,praying for God to heal her mother. She continued talking to her mother even thought her mother was not responding or waking up. She hadn't had any nourishment for a week due to pulling her feeding tube out. When life seemed dismal Jen cried to her husband Robert that "Christmas is only 2 weeks away and I can't get into the Christmas spirit". "We won't have a tree,I am not decorating, and I am not baking." She felt lost this year. The next day after being at the hospital all day with her mother, she went home to find that Robert had gone out and bought a real Christmas tree and decorated it for Jen even though they were tight on money. They had been putting up an artificial tree but he knew Jen loved a real tree and he knew it would put a smile on her face. Robert is always caring and suprising Jen with something special like this. As of yesterday, Jen received a Christmas miracle because her mother was sitting up,talking, and eating! Jen can now celebrate Christmas with her whole family.