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Hi Ellen! Regarding your National "whatever" Day, I had to laugh because in our house we celebrate "National Swearing Day", on Martin Luther Kings Birthday. Probably politically incorrect, but whatever, it is our day. It started maybe 12 years ago when my two oldest (who are now in college) had the day off and a fight ensued. They both came crying to me, so angry, and I told them to just tell each other how you feel and let it all out. Well, that's how it all started. At the time, (so young and innocent) the "s" word was stupid head and the "f" word was fartie. So I told them to just say the worst thing possible, (but today only), and I will not be mad and you will not be punished. So what started with "Hey stupidhead, get your fartie butt out of of my face! Has now turned in to (15 years later) "hey ****head, get your fat ass out of bed and make me some f'in coffee" (and much worse than that). Try it! We all need to swear a little bit.