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Mary McCreary
Name Mary McCreary
Location Lincoln, NE
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Hobbies Watching Ellen. Keeping my migraines at bay. Playing my dogs, drawing and painting. I also sew "warmie/coolie" bags that are just popped into the microwave or freezer and ta-dah! You have the helpful pain reliever. I'm a klutz. I started making these long ago. I love spending time outdoors, fishing and swimming in lakes..I have a lot of them. But I can't leave my dog out. He's a 4lb'yorkie who thinks he can boss the other dogs around. It is great comic relief. Love the ocean as well. My relatives live in Florida and I hope someday I will be able to save money enough to see them. Disability doesn't pay very well. Thanks for your 12 days of Christmas. You are such a giving, wonderful person Ellen. I'm glad to be able to relate to you. I may steal your jokes however but here's one for you. Canadian geese fly over Nebraska and they fly in a "v" shape. Do you know why one row is longer than the other? Because there are more geese in that line. Ba-dump-bump. Peace and love goes out to you and Portia this holday season and I look forward to your new shows coming up.
About Me I had a full hysterectomy at 26 due to endometriosis and couldn't take hormone replacement because I would just get migraines. They never stopped after the surgery. My bones are much weaker now. Unfortunately my migraines have become worse and another diagnosis of hemiplegic migraines was made. They don't respond as well to medications either. They cause the other side of my head to be the "aura" and I lose all feeling in my right side. They come and go but I know that I have a lot of stress. I'm on disability.I could have a stroke. I made it to the Diamond Headache Clinic twice. I'm adopted and have met my mother's family but they never knew the story about me but that my birth mother and I have been told that we like the same things and hobbies. I have faith,I have realized that by saying I love you every day to your partner, if something were to happen to them, that would be one less regret. Keep up with the great show. It's so positive and informative. If I have to watch it from bed in the dark, it's worth it because laughter is the best medicine! Peace, love and joy I coming your way. Mary McCreary 402-314-5560